God's Creation Scholar Academy

Infants: (6 Weeks to 12 Months)

Our infant caregivers will tend to your baby in every way, providing the tender, nurturing, secure and loved feeling you want for your happy baby. Talking, smiling, singing to your baby throughout the day of exploring and discovery will comfort them while introducing them to language and conversation. Our caregivers will encourage and teach your baby, provide consistency, security and instill confidence so your baby can follow the natural curiosity that allows progressive development of both their minds and tiny bodies.

Toddlers: (1 Year)

The curriculum for our Toddlers is based on creating a unique daily experience for each child and includes both child-initiated and teacher-directed play. We build on skills learned in the infant program and provide the safe and happy environment for toddlers to become more independent. Classrooms are set up into learning centers that allow toddlers to explore areas that are of interest to them as concept formation, cooperation and self-help skills are also introduced. In the safe, stable and caring environment created by our teachers, your toddler will gain a sense of trust and confidence thereby paving the way to accept concepts in character development.

Early Pre-School: (2 Years)

Our trained and experienced teachers provide the right blend of supervised freedom with appropriate guidance to support the children in their plight for independence.

As early preschoolers mimic their parents, teachers and peers, independence emerges and allows their confidence to soar! Their environmental recognition, ability to question, reasoning skills all give our teachers ample opportunities to nurture your child’s growing understanding of the world around them.

Your early preschooler will enjoy learning experiences that promote more than just their thriving independence as we continue to expand upon the foundations (introduced earlier within the Toddler program) to further their social skills, foster self-confidence and continue their educational journey.

Preschool: (3 Years)

teachers will encourage them to learn and explore, while helping them make sense of all their new encounters. Preschoolers are more secure and ready for a higher level of challenge. Our well-rounded Preschool program supports these strides and enables their continued growth and success.

Your child will find self-expression and creativity through dramatic play, art, music and other planned activities. Musical concepts are introduced through songs, rhythms, instruments and group instructed ensembles and are always an exciting time full of sounds and smiles!

Pre Kindergarten: (4 Years)

  • Our Pre-kindergarten teachers nurture and challenge your child’s emerging reading, writing, science and math skills while integrating a wealth of enrichment programs. Your child will eagerly make friends and participate in fun-filled physical and creative activities that will yield self-confidence, respect for self and others while being prepared for success in Kindergarten.  Pre-K teachers will follow a strong, academic focused curriculum that will include language arts, writing skills, math concepts and reasoning.